BP Remodeling is a residential remodeling specialist for everything from small repairs to whole house remodels and additions. No two projects are the same, and so there is no “One-Size-Fits All” BP method to describe the wide variety of services we provide. Your project is unique and important to us, so we always start with a “Let’s Talk” phase. We’ve learned through years of experience that consistent communication with clients reduces their potential stress – whether we are replacing home office lighting or building an addition.

Communication is particularly important when remodeling, given the range and complexity of options, materials, tasks, and timing. Our remodeling projects often follow this process:

Step 1 - Let's Talk

We meet with you in your home to discuss your project and to get acquainted. Are we a good fit for each other?
We’ll do a deep dive into your vision and make sure that we “get it.” We’ll talk schedule, your role in the project, and what you can expect from us. What is your budget in relation to your vision? We’ll be unfailingly honest — telling you what will be fun — and what won’t. If desired, we can explain financial arrangements. And we’ll leave you with a complete guidance kit full of useful information to help you understand who we are (since we will be in your house!) and how we work.

Step 2 - The Estimate.

We provide estimates at no charge, and for many projects this estimate is a fully detailed proposal that is ready for your acceptance.
For some large or more complex remodeling projects, such as a whole-house remodel, we may supply a ballpark estimate at first, and after your plans are finalized we produce a detailed estimate that assures you a quality, completed project at a guaranteed price. If your project fits in this category, we will offer a Professional Services Agreement (PSA) to cover costs for doing that extensive estimate, assuring that you incur no additional expenses. The PSA fee is separate from a construction contract.
The PSA may cover design, engineering, and/or survey services, as well as some demolition and discovery work if required. The PSA does not obligate you to enter into a Construction Agreement with us and you own the results of the work covered by the PSA, such as design drawings and engineering/survey reports.

Step 3 - Project Development

After we complete your detailed estimate, we will take all the time you want to talk through the project with you. We want you to be comfortable and confident about the scope of work, project plan, progress payments, timelines, and coordination. This helps us understand and respond to your concerns before the project begins.

Step 4 - The Construction Agreement

For many projects, the Construction Agreement is as simple as signing your acceptance of our estimate and proposal.
For some larger, more complex projects, we will meet to review the Construction Agreement. We will explain every major detail of the project, and when you are confident you understand the remodeling process, we will both sign the agreement.

Step 5 – Project Management

During the building phase we will handle all the details of ordering materials, scheduling, oversite, and coordination. We meticulously inspect job sites to ensure that high-quality craftsmanship levels are maintained throughout the project. Of course, we keep you up to date on our progress and immediately notify you if there are any delays in delivery of materials or installation.

Step 6 - In-Process Changes

No matter how carefully we plan your project together, you may want to make some changes as your vision becomes real. We are prepared to accommodate any changes you want to make. Our Agreement will explain how costs associated with changes are determined.

Step 7 – Project Completion

During the completion phase we get together for a final review meeting, walking through the project with you and answering any questions about the use or maintenance of the products we provided. Our final clean-up will include anything on the property that we touched. And, finally, you will enjoy our industry leading, 5-year warranty on our workmanship.

Step 8 – Enjoy Your Transformed Home

Thank you for letting us be a part of your dreams!